US Considers Stronger Action Against China As a Result of Cyberattacks [AP]

The US might decide to cancel some visas or set restrictions on certain imports

Unnamed US officials have revealed that the Obama administration might consider stronger actions against China after the diplomatic approach failed to address the problem of the cyberattacks launched against businesses and government organizations.

The recent cyberattacks launched against The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are just two of numerous attacks believed to be launched by China.

Chinese officials have denied any involvement, citing the country’s laws, which forbid hacking. However, according to the Associated Press, once the National Intelligence Estimate is out, the US government will see the complete extent of the damage caused by cyberattacks launched by China.

In a speech held on Thursday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explained that China was told that the United States “is going to have to take action to protect not only our government's, but our private sector, from this kind of illegal intrusions.”

It’s uncertain what measures will be taken, but some believe it might include the cancelation of certain visas and even import restrictions.

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