US Congressman Office Vandalized, Linux Installed

Vandals have erased the Congressman's hard drives and installed a Linux OS

The campaign office in Staten Island of the Republican Congressman Michael Grimm has been vandalized, the computer hard drives were erased, and a Linux operating system was installed.

According to, Republican Michael Grimm is currently running for reelection against Democrat Matt Murphy. Grimm thinks this is part of a larger attack against him and his campaign.

"Whoever did this, the people responsible are very ignorant, and they don't understand that this is not just an attack against me or my campaign. This is an attack against a federal campaign office, which is an attack on our democracy as a whole,” said Michael Grimm.

The people who broke in the office and did the “vandalizing,” haven't actually destroyed physical property, but went after the candidate's computers.

The people who went inside the campaign office did so without forcing the entry. They went straight to the computers, erased the hard drives that contained sensitive polling and voter identification data (maybe even copied it), and installed a Linux operating system.

The Police haven't mentioned what distribution the thieves installed on the computers, but one thing is certain. If the former operating system had NTFS partitions and the intruders installed a Linux OS, which makes uses of EXT3 of EXT4 partitions, the lost data is going to be hard to recover.

To make in the case even more interesting, Michael Grimm thinks this is a politically motivated incident. His opponent, Democrat Matt Murphy also condemned the acts of vandalism.

"In fact, one officer said to me today they see this as a crime against the government, because I am a sitting United States congressman and they take it very seriously. You know, especially in light of what happened with Gabby Giffords, we're not in the world today where we can shrug things off," ended Grimm.

Republican Michael Grimm is also the subject of a federal investigation regarding some campaign fundraisings.

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