US Categorically Denies Hacking Computers of French Presidency

The US Embassy in Paris released a statement saying that France is one of the best allies

Earlier today, we learned that French officials were accusing the United States of hacking into the computer networks of the Elysee Palace back in May, when Nicolas Sarkozy was still president. Now, US officials have released a statement categorically denying the accusations.

Initially, when asked about the incident, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano didn’t deny the allegations, but, instead, she emphasized the fact that France was one of US’s greatest allies.

However, in a statement to The Verge, US Embassy representatives from Paris clearly denied everything.

“We categorically refute allegations from unidentified sources, published in L'Express, that the United States government has participated in a cyberattack against France. France is one of our best allies,” they stated.

“Our cooperation is remarkable in the areas of intelligence, law enforcement, and cyberdefense. It has never been as good and essential to our common fight against the threat of extremism.”

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