US Army Releases Online Game to Educate Children Against Cyberattacks

The game is called Cyber Swarm Defenders and it's available on Jabbersmack

The National Science Center (NSC) – a public-private partnership between the US Army and NSC, Inc. – has released an online game that’s designed to train youths on how to avoid falling victims to cyber threats.

The game, part of NSC’s new Cyber Ops educational program, is called Cyber Swarm Defenders and it’s made for 6th-8th grade students, but it’s appropriate for younger ones as well.

Cyber Swarm Defenders is available via the social networking site, a service designed for kids aged 13 and under.

“Educating students about cyber security threats and how to counteract them is imperative,” said Mike Krieger, the Army deputy chief information officer.

The game can be found at by clicking the Cyber Swarm Defenders banner button, or directly on

Those who want to play the game are required to register an account on the social media site.

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