UPDATE: SeaWorld's Injured Orca Displays Bitemarks on Its Chin

These puncture marks are proof that the animal was bitten by other of its kind, says PETA

Only yesterday, we reported on how an unnamed source sparked quite the controversy when informing members of the press that one of the killer whales used by SeaWorld in its shows displayed a major injury to its chin.

Back then, people were yet unsure as to whether the animal had been bitten by other orcas that shared its enclosure, or if perhaps, it accidentally injured itself while performing its tricks.

Naturally, several animal rights activists, led by PETA, were the ones to state loud and clear that the staff at SeaWorld must be held responsible for violating the Animal Welfare Act and forcing these marine mammals to live together without first looking into how they get along with each other.

On the other hand, a spokesperson for SeaWorld emphasized that there were no proper reasons for accusing this marine park of negligence, especially seeing how, once the people working there noticed the whale's injury, a vet was called in and suitable treatment was immediately administered.

Recent news on this topic informs us that, regardless of what SeaWorld claims, this orca is highly unlikely to have injured itself by accidentally hitting the side of the pool it was kept in.

Thus, green-oriented organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) informs us that, after carefully analyzing various photos showing the whale's injury, a specialist working with the Orca Research Fund concluded that this marine mammal's chin displayed “puncture marks that match orca teeth spacing.”

To cut a long story short, these bitemarks are “a clear indication that an altercation between the orcas was involved.”

Apparently, the chunk of meat bitten off this whale's chin was roughly the size of a dinner plate, and was retrieved from the bottom of the pool by SeaWorld's staff.

Hopefully, more information on this topic will soon become available for the general public, especially seeing how the US Department of Agriculture is now expected to offer its input on the complaint filed by PETA against SeaWorld.

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