UK's Adult Content Filter Will Cover More Areas than Thought

Despite what the PM said, the filtering will extend to other topics as well

David Cameron has already announced earlier this week that, by the end of the year, UK Internet users will need to have individual talks with their Internet providers to unblock certain features if they want to view various types of content while browsing.

While the main target of the UK Prime Minister with the HomeSafe system is to “protect children from corroding influences” online by blocking sites that have adult content, many are afraid the measure will also extend to various other areas, TorrentFreak reports.

During one of his speeches on the matter, Cameron mentioned a particular computer program that can be used to block inappropriate websites, which could offer a hint as to what type of content will be targeted.

The app doesn’t simply give users the ability to block adult content websites, but also any references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, file sharing sites, gambling, games, social networking, weapons, violence, suicide, and self-harm.

Now, by blocking any of these types of websites, you would also block news websites that feature articles regarding such topics in one single swoop.

Local ISPs have no clue exactly how much banning they will have to do and how individuals will go about unblocking content so far, but it just seems like a lot of work when considerate parents could simply set up some filters or install an Internet traffic tool to limit what their children can view online.

It has also been revealed earlier today that the company that will oversee HomeSafe is Huawei, a Chinese firm. Considering how many voices have compared the new Internet limitations set in the UK to those in China, a country known for censorship of the Internet activity of its users, this revelation will just cause a lot of eye-rolls and “I-told-you-so”s.

While it’s true UK ISPs are likely to be free to use whatever filtering system they want, it’s possible that they will turn to the service offered by Huawei.

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