UK Solicitors Regulation Authority Warns of Thrings LLP Scam

Take a look at the email addresses and phone numbers used by the fraudsters

The United Kingdom’s Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is warning users about scams that leverage the name of the law firm Thrings LLP.

The SRA says the scammers have been sending out emails and making phone calls claiming to be Graeme Fearon or Philip Milsom of Thrings LLP. The crooks tell potential victims that they can obtain an unclaimed inheritance.

The fraudsters have been sending out emails from addresses such as and making calls from numbers like 447024020859, 7031976206, and 44 20 3287 6552. The email address and the phone numbers have nothing to do with the legitimate company.

Those who have been targeted by the scammers are advised to file a report with the police, especially if they’ve been tricked into handing over money. Incidents can also be reported to the SRA at

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