UK Officials: Our Critical Infrastructure Has Already Been Hit by Cyberattacks

The Minister for the Cabinet Office has released a statement on cyber security progress

United Kingdom officials have admitted that the country’s most critical infrastructures have already been attacked by hostile foreign states.

Although they haven’t pinpointed the attacked networks, it’s likely that they belong to organizations responsible for supplying water, gas and electricity, The Guardian reports.

The announcement came just before Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, released a written statement to Parliament regarding the progresses made since the National Cyber Security Strategy was launched, one year ago.

According to the statement, in the past year, 93% of corporations and 76% of small businesses from the UK suffered data breaches.

Maude warned that government departments were not immune to cyberattacks.

He also listed the country’s four main objectives as far as the Cyber Security Strategy was concerned. The National Cyber Security Programme – responsible for the objectives – provides 650 million GBP ($1 billion / 800 million EUR) to improve the UK’s cyber security capabilities.

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