UK Metropolitan Police Launches Counter Terrorism Awareness Initiative

Operation Penna will take place between November 26 and December 7

Starting with today, November 26, and until December 7, the UK’s Metropolitan Police will conduct a series of activities whose main goal is to raise awareness on the threats posed by terrorists and to remind the public of their role in helping protect the capital city.

The campaign is called Operation Penna and it targets a number of 32 boroughs.

Officers will conduct high-visibility patrols in crowded places and they will provide information to businesses on how they can protect themselves against terrorist threats.

“Operation Penna builds on our engagement with communities and businesses in a variety of ways to counter the threat from terrorism and improve the protection from a terrorist attack, and other crime, offered to local businesses,” Commander Richard Morris, from Specialist Operations, explained.

“The threat to London from terrorism remains real and serious so we encourage the public to remain vigilant and alert and to report anything suspicious to police.”

Authorities urge anyone who has any information about unusual activity or behavior to contact the confidential anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

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