UK Judge That Chided Apple over Accusations Against Samsung Now Advising the Latter

The one that made Apple essentially apologize in public has another job now

Patent blog FOSS Patents has been one of the premier sources of updates on the Apple-Samsung situation.

The latest such update has to do with Samsung and its legal team, so to speak.

First, some background: Sir Robin Jacob was part of the court of judges that ruled, in the UK, that Samsung hadn't copied the iPad. He even ordered Apple to make a public announcement to that effect, even telling it to change it when it wasn't appropriate enough.

Now, he is assisting Samsung as a patent expert in a separate legal battle with Erricsson.

There is nothing illegal about the maneuver though, and there is no question that the judge acted properly at all times, even if he is a sort of ally of Samsung now.

If nothing else, Sir Robin Jacob will help Samsung do better in the patent arena from now on.

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