UK Horse Meat Scandal Makes the French Crave Equine Products

The scandal only increased horse meat's popularity in France

Just hours ago, I got to introduce you to a rather funny video showing Stephen Colbert commenting on the UK horse meat scandal.

As pointed out back then, horse meat is not all that bad for one's health, hence the fact that some people purposely and knowingly purchase it, cook it and eat it.

Unless they choose to go to a restaurant, in which case there is no need for purchasing and cooking it.

Long story short, recent news from France says that, in the aftermath of this horse meat scandal, the popularity of equine products in this country has actually increased.

Thus, Inhabitat reports that, on average, butcheries and supermarkets have witnessed an increase of up to 15% in horse meat sales.

I for one suspect that the French are merely trying to do the Brits a kindness and show them that horse meat really isn't all that different from beef or pork.

Then again, it may very well be that they are just curious about all this fuss.

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