UK Home Office Announces Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership

The program brings together academics, experts and police

The United Kingdom’s Home Office has announced the Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership, a program that brings together police, academics and industry experts in an effort to combat organized and global cybercrime.

Led by Security Minister James Brokenshire and Minister for Universities and Science David Willetts, the Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership aims to ensure that law enforcement organizations can stay on top of online crime.

“For too long the public's perception of cyber crime has been a lone bedroom hacker stealing money from a bank account. But the reality is that cyber criminals are organised and global, with a new breed of criminals selling 'off-the-shelf' software to aid gangs in exploiting the public,” Brokenshire said in a speech at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.

“This government is committed to tackling this threat and we have already had great success. But we want to go further and through the creation of the National Cyber Crime Unit within the NCA and innovations such as the new Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership, I am confident we can bring these criminals to justice.”

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