UHDTVs Will Only Sell from Third Quarter Onwards

The 4K resolution won't be on the market all that quickly

CES 2013 was the spotlight of 4K TVs, monitors and tablets, of all things, but whatever hopes there were of early UHDTV sales have been dashed.

Some companies might still launch an 84-inch or 110-inch beast in April, but most of them reportedly won't push the new UHDTV standard out before September 2013.

That means that there will be very low sales of UHDTVs this year, and that things will only start in earnest in 2014.

Given that the 4K TVs so far shown have mostly stuck to the higher size ranges, with few exceptions, it makes sense to wait until there is something available for those that don't have a whole wall to sacrifice to a single panel.

Even so, by the start of 2015, 4K TVs won't account for more than 10% of all TV sales.

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