UGNazi Hackers Leak Data from Washington Military Department

More than a dozen user credentials were leaked from the site's database

UGNazi hackers, the ones who usually protest against the United States government by launching distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks against major websites, changed their tactics. This time they breached the site of the Washington Military Department (

From the website’s databases, the hackers leaked name servers, MX records, and the names and IP addresses of the subdomains used by the state of Washington.

Also, they leaked around 16 user account details, consisting of usernames and password hashes, including the ones of the site’s administrator.

“This is just a continuation of our attack against, but other than that, like we said we're not done with the government or anyone to be exact. We're going to come after every dirtbag we can get our hands on. Freedom is a right not a privilege but the US government makes it seems like it's a privilege that we have the ‘freedom’,” ThaCosmo told us.

“Well we're going to make our own freedom and we're just beginning. We are not here to make friends, but to make history. ‘All men are equal’ is the quote, our pitiful government comes by, but it seems like they believe they are above the average everyday human.”

UGNazi hackers became known after their involvement in the Dana White incident, when the UFC president revealed his support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

More recently, they kept themselves busy by taking down sites such as the ones of New York City, State of Columbia, NASDAQ, and many others.

After these operations, 4 of their members were arrested by authorities, but that didn’t discourage them from continuing their campaign. Right after their release, they launched an attack on the site of the US Department of Education ( to show that they’re not giving up.

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