UGNazi Attacks Wounded Warrior Project to Spite The Jester

Governments and corruption are put aside while hackers settle their differences

The controversial UGNazi hackers have done it again. They have taken down the website of the Wounded Warrior Project (, a non-profit organization launched to help United States service members who have been wounded or who need assistance.

If until now the hackers have provided somewhat serious reasons for hacking and taking down websites, this time their motives are simple: they hate the infamous Jester (th3j35t3r) and they’re determined to attack everything he cares for.

“I have a personal thing with jester. I just don’t like him or anything he supports,” Cosmo told Softpedia.

We’ve highlighted the fact that this attack will put him and his team in the spotlight for heavy criticism, but he claims they’re not afraid.

“Jester DDOS's Wikileaks, so he can have a taste of his own medicine with me DDOSing the Wounded Warrior Project,” he added. “I will be personally attacking jester and everything he supports.”

The Jester’s reaction came soon enough after UGNazi hackers took credit for the attack on the website.

“Anonymous and UGNazi hackers hit a new ALL-TIME LOW by attacking Wounded Warrior Project,” he wrote.

He then said, “Anonymous & UGNazi show true colors by hitting Wound Warrior Project - an org that does nothing but good.”

Others soon joined him, taking aim at Anonymous and the UGNazi collective for their latest operations.

If, at first, they appeared to be a regular hacktivist group determined to fight against governments and corrupt corporations, in the past few weeks UGNazi have been criticized for many of their attacks. The most controversial of their operations are probably the last two, which targeted WHMCS and MyBB.

Until now they have claimed that not even authorities have managed to take them down, even though some of the group’s members have been taken in for questioning and even arrested. On the other hand, The Jester is a character who seems to be feared by many hackers, so this should be an interesting confrontation.

However, objectively speaking, it’s a shame when innocent websites become collateral victims of the battles between hackers.

At press time, was experiencing performance issues, at times being completely offline.

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