UFO Spotted in Pitlochry, Scotland, Scientists Find Explanation

The unidentified object emanating pulsating light is very visible on the witness recording

A video of an unidentified flying object surfaced in Pitlochry, Scotland. As you can see, the object is extremely visible on tape.

The video was allegedly recorded at 7:30 am, from a Pitlochry resident's living room window. It was captured on November 5, 2012, by Romanian-born Adrian Musat. He claims the UFO was hovering over Clunie Wood, in the proximity of Perth.

I don't know what is more unbelievable – the fact that the witness claims to have filmed this during the evening, zooming in the whole time, or the official response of the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA).

Scientists at BUFORA looked into the footage, and dubbed the light as being a “spotlight on a forestry vehicle,” Open Minds writes.

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