UFO Caught on Camera Entering Volcano in Mexico

A giant, glowing, cylindrical object was recorded free falling into the volcano

Unusual activity was recorded in the Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico, last week. An unidentified cylindrical object was registered falling at high speed, into the crater.

The video was shot by Mexican television network Televisa, on Thursday, October 25. This recording was taken by an actual Televisa-owned recording camera, monitoring the volcano at the time.

The object was described by experts as brightly illuminated and extremely large – 1,093 yards (1 km long) and 218 yards (200 meters) wide. The UFO appears to be free falling into the crater, traveling at a speed that surpasses that of an airplane's.

According to Volcano Discovery, Popocatépetl, in Central Mexico, showed no signs of eruption during that period, although several weak explosions occurred, mainly resulting in steam being brought to the surface.

However, a few days before, on October 19 and 20, observers had noticed an increase in the number of small explosions inside the crater, leading to incandescent fragments being thrown out.

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