UFO Allegedly Crashes Near Okinawa – Photo

The picture of the sunken UFO is strangely similar to one visible on Google Images

A UFO crash has been reported in the East China Sea, off the Coast of the Japanese Island of Okinawa. Photos allegedly leaked show the ship lying in the water, its lights still on.

According to In Other Newz, citing a coverage by Nippon Television, the spaceship sank on December 5. Apparently, there were many witnesses to the event, and the Japanese Navy spokesman himself confirms the story.

“We wanted to release this photo to the world and confirm the reports issued yesterday,” Yoshido Hari says.

The story is most likely a hoax. If you take a look at the photo on the right, the "UFO" also appeared on a Google street view of New Mexico, in September.

Many have said the effects is created by a lens flare from the Google Earth street view camera.

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