UFC’s Dana White on Hackers: We Will See How Tough They Really Are Now

The organization's boss once again lashes out at the ones who took down the UFC website

After claiming that he might have had some involvement in the apprehension of the hackers who attacked the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) website, the organization’s boss Dana White once again sends them a message.

“They acted like tough guys when hiding behind a computer. We will see how tough they really are now!!” White told MMAWeekly.com.

Two of the hackers involved in the attack, Cosmo and JoshTheGod, were apprehended a few weeks ago. Right after the arrests, White claimed that his collaboration with the authorities may have aided the police investigation.

In an interview we had with Cosmo right after the arrests, he stated that The Jester and Dana White had nothing to do with it.

Wired journalist Mat Honan has had the opportunity to have a face-to-face interview with Cosmo, who has detailed a lot of his hacking methods.

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