UFC President: We Contributed to the Arrest of Hackers

Dana White believes that the information he provided to the FBI may have been useful

Dana White, the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship, believes that he and his organization have somehow contributed to the arrest of the hackers involved in the attacks against ufc.com.

A couple of days ago, the FBI announced the largest coordinated international law enforcement action in history meant to disrupt the activity of carders. Among the 24 individuals who were arrested we found Mir Islam, also known as JoshTheGod, the leader of the controversial UGNazi collective.

The Jester was among the first to take credit for his implication in the operation, but as it turns out, Dana White may have also had a certain contribution to the arrest of Anonymous hackers.

UGNazi were the ones who coordinated the attack against the UFC website. This means that if White’s claims are correct, the information he has provided to the FBI may have led to the identification of Islam and possibly Cosmo, another UGNazi hacker who, according to our sources, might also be under arrest.

“It was a Twitter war for days. And that's when it gets fun. You get these guys engaged, you get 'em going, and that's when you get the FBI involved. Because there's so much piracy of UFC merchandise, the FBI was already monitoring everything that was happening,” White told Inc.

“But after Anonymous hacked our site, we also got U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, part of the Department of Homeland Security, involved. And it helps when they know when and where the hackers are going to attack,” he added.

“So I put my chin out there, and we knew they were gonna punch it. Two weeks after they attacked me, a lot of them started getting busted. I think we contributed to that.”

Many argue that The Jester has had no contribution to the arrests and a larger number of users will probably say that Dana White is also wrong.

However, it’s known that federal authorities have a lot of ways of tracking down cybercriminals, so it shouldn’t really surprise anyone if White and The Jester are a small part of a larger puzzle.

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