UCWeb Tops 400 Million UC Browser Users

It enjoys a 50 percent market share in China, 25 percent in India

Today, Beijing-based UCWeb mobile Internet company announced that it has managed to top 400 million users with its flagship UC Browser product.

According to the company, the new milestone strengthens its position as the largest mobile browser in the world by user base.

The application has seen increased adoption all around the world, including its homeland market China, where it accounts for over 50 percent market share.

Lately, the mobile browser has registered increased adoption among mobile phone users in India, where it currently enjoys a 25 percent market share.

India is the second largest market for UC Browser after China, the company notes, adding that the app has seen increased adoption in some other markets around the world as well. The mobile browser enjoys a market share of over 10 percent in four other countries.

The UC Browser has seen impressive growth on Google’s Android operating system, where it currently enjoys over 100 million users.

“In less than a year, UC Browser gained 100 million new users, and last month, UCWeb’s global Android users also passed the 100 million user mark, adding another milestone as UCWeb expands globally,” the company announced.

With Android loaded on around 75 percent of all smartphones around the world, UC Browser is expected to register further growth on this platform.

UCWeb also announced that it is partnering with the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) for the first AppFest on December 13-15, 2012 in Hyderabad, in an attempt to grow momentum on the Indian market.

“UCWeb is committed to the Indian market, and we'd like to grow together with local mobile developers,” Kenny Ye, UCWeb’s India managing director, said.

“We hope that by partnering with local developers here in India and leveraging our global R&D resources, we can bring localized products and a better user experience to our Indian users as well as serve our 400 million global users.”

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