UC Browser 8.6 for Android Private Test Begins

The company is already hard at work with the development of UC Browser 9.0 for Android

UCWeb, the company behind one of the most popular browsers for mobile devices, announced a few hours ago the debut of a private test version of the UC Browser 8.6 for Android.

The new flavor of the mobile browser arrives on devices with various enhancements packed inside, although none of them is a major one.

According to the development team, UC Browser 9.0 for Android will land on devices as a major upgrade for the application, and all the great stuff will be included in it.

In the meantime, however, users can take advantage of the improvements that were included in the new UC Browser 8.6 flavor, such as homepage enhancements, better language display and more.

At the moment, only a small number of users will receive access to the app, through the company’s private test program, but it should not be too long before the new browser iteration is made available for other users as well.

The release notes for UC Browser 8.6 for Android include:

Better Homepage

- You can add more websites on your homepage.

Auto Reconnection for Download

- In an unreliable network environment, download manager will reconnect failed download tasks for you automatically.

Improved Language Display

- Persian, Arabic and Korean text can be displayed normally on webpages.


- Better memory usage management, especially for low-end devices.

- Show remaining time on downloading notification in status bar.

The development team also notes that they are planning on adding some more features to the Android browser flavor in the not-too-distant future, so as to bring it on par with the available versions on other mobile platforms out there.

Users interested in joining the private test program for the new UC Browser 8.6 for Android should head over to this page on UC Web’s forum to learn more on the matter. They should also provide feedback on the app, so that any issues present in the new release could be resolved.

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