U.S. vs. Iraqi Insurgents on YouTube

New military videos on the Google product

YouTube now displays a new set of videos published by the US military authorities that are now trying to show people the way the army fights in Iraq against insurgents and al-Qaida members. WGAL reported that Mark Fox, US military spokesman, sustained the army is now posting several videos on the online video sharing service to display the fights recorded by the army in the Iraq war. It seems like the army included a professional photographer able to take pictures and record the battles especially to post the videos on the Internet to show the world the way US army fights for peace.

"U.S. military spokesman Mark Fox said that's the most common question posed to military members returning from Iraq. He said the military has a new effort underway to show what it's like. Fox told AP Radio it's a way to connect with a younger, tech-savvy audience. He said all the video is shot by professional combat photographers, but material from average soldiers may be accepted later. He said none of it is edited except for length," the same publication reported.

One of the movies, entitled Battle on Haifa Street, Badgdad, Iraq has 75.391 views with 56 comments and 85 ratings. At the beginning of the movie, the author included the description of the military operation: "US Soldiers form the 3rd Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division alongside Iraqi Soldiers from the 6th Iraqi Army Division engage insurgents from a high-rise in the Haifa Street area during security operations. Operation Tomahawk Strike 11 is one of a series of targeted raids to disrupt illegal militia activity."

There are several other movies uploaded by the same user, MNFIRAQ, all of them displaying the army's battle with Iraqi insurgents from Baghdad.

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