U.S. Marines Drink Cobra Blood During Military Exercise - Video

Soldiers chop snakes' heads off and drink their blood

A video has emerged online of U.S. Marines drinking cobra blood during what seems like an odd military exercise, in Thailand.

*User discretion is advised when playing the clip, as it contains shocking and possibly offensive imagery.

One of the Marines describes the taste of the blood as “terrible,” but is still happy to be able to enjoy this experience, which he dubs memorable.

“It's a good experience, something I'll always be able to tell my grandchildren about,” he says.

The funniest thing about the clip is that all the soldiers appear excited to drink the snake blood, but when they are made to eat leaves, they look nauseous.

Last year, HuffPost published a similar piece about a training exercise from Thailand, in which Marines would slaughter cobras and drink their blood, eat insects and kill chickens.

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