Tyra Banks Blasts Fashion Industry for Slimming Her “Top Models”

The television star is saddened by the current slim standards

Retired supermodel Tyra Banks is speaking up against the current tendency in the fashion industry to keep models as thin as possible. The presenter of the reality show “America's Nest Top Model” says that her protégées emerge thinner after being included in the fashion circuit.

It's not a big secret, but Tyra recently decided to speak up on the matter in an interview with Digital Spy. She said that, while she tries to get all types of women featured on her show, she can't control their experiences once they enter the world of fashion.

“The sad thing is that on average, my girls on 'America's Next Top Model' are larger than the high fashion girls on runways, and when they leave they're excited; they're like, 'Yay, I'm going to start modelling',” Tyra begins her argument.

“And then they get in the real world, and they're like, 'My agent is saying I need to lose 20lbs.' I'll see them four months later and they are a bone. A bone. It's just like, 'What?'” Banks continues to explain her experiences with alumni from her reality show.

Se tells about her encounters with girls that left her show and got signed with different agencies that all require drops in weight. “There's only so much I can do. But it does sadden me,” the former model complains.

In her opinion, the whole industry is being driven at the moment by this slim craze, promoting only celebrities that conform to the current standard, further enhancing this trend and imposing it on the minds of other generations of girls.

Even back during her Victoria's Secret days, Tyra remembers she was being criticized for being heavier than the rest of the models on the runway. It left a bitter impression on her and made her speak out against the system with the passing of time.

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