Two and a Half Trips Around the World in 2:30 Minutes in the Latest ISS Timelapse Video

The ISS goes through two nights and two days in just four hours

It was worth to build the ISS just for all the wonderful photos and videos we've been getting from it and the astronauts aboard. The latest is another timelapse video covering two and a half orbits around the world.

The video was shot by the crew of the Expedition 34, the current expedition aboard the International Space Station.

It only took the ISS four hours to do two and a half trips around the world and all of that was compressed into a two and a half minute video.

The video starts with the ISS behind the Earth, nighttime on the planet. Very early on, the moon makes a small cameo, watch for it in the first ten seconds on the left side.

The ISS flies into the daylight and then slips back into the night as the moon makes its second appearance, at around the one-minute mark.

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