Two-Year-Old Girl Spends 850 Days in the Hospital

Adalynn Willett was born with her intestines and liver outside her body

Adalynn Willett, of Abilene, Texas, is finally ready to go home after spending a staggering 850 days in the hospital, since her birth.

She spent this time at Cook Children's Medical Center, where medical staff became a second family. Adalynn was born with her intestines and liver outside her tiny body, but has undergone several procedures, until finally making a recovery.

Houston publication KHOU notes that she was operated on 28 times, which averages to about one per every month she spent at Cook's.

The girl's family, doctors and nurses celebrated the day she could finally live at home.

"I just didn't think this day would ever come," mother Serafina Sevallos says.

It was touch and go for the now two-year-old girl from Texas. On two occasions, her heart stopped, and she was brought back to life.

"Babies that are born the way she is don't usually make it because they have so many problems," Sevallos explains, describing the complications.

Parents, who never thought they would be able to bring their daughter home, dub her recovery miraculous.

"I never thought we were going to make it this far. [...] I always hoped for it, but I never thought this day would come. It is a very exciting day," Bryan Willett, Adalynn's father said, on the day she was allowed to leave the hospital.

They celebrated her last day as a patient in the Texas hospital, and the girl rejoiced, wearing a sparkly purple party dress. On Tuesday, December 4, they took her home to Abilene.

"The fact that we were able to manage it so that she is going home for Christmas is nice. [...] Her job is not to be here every day being cute and smiling at me and cheering me up on my rounds. Her job is to go home and become a productive human being," her doctor says, in an interview with ABC.

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