Two Thirds of Plastic Surgery Patients Are Not Happy with the Results

As talk about buyer’s remorse in the case of Heidi Montag continues to make the rounds, Cosmetic Surgery Bible conducted a poll to try and determine how many other patients might be in the same situation and felt regret after going under the knife.

The results were shocking, with only one third of those questioned saying they were completely happy and satisfied with the results of the intervention.

While the poll may be flawed or, at least, contested for not mentioning how many people took part in it or for not differentiating between the type of surgery the patients had, it does stress the importance of thoroughly considering surgery before actually going under the knife.

“Just 37% of respondents said they were happy with their results, with 37% saying they were dissatisfied and 26% stating they had mixed emotions,” the e-zine notes.

As for reasons why so few people are not fully satisfied by the results they get, the biggest may be the fact that they set out with unrealistic expectations.

Understandably, when you dream of getting a flying golden pony for your birthday and you end up with a toy horse, it doesn’t even matter it’s the most your parents could afford – to put it this way.

“For others, their surgery highlights other areas of their body which they also want to change. Others may like part of their transformation but not all, for example having a rhinoplasty, the bridge might be perfect but the tip not quite as expected,” CSB further notes.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that one can’t take all the necessary steps to prevent that from happening, in case one has already decided going under the knife is the best option.

The first thing on the to-do list is to look for a plastic surgeon that specializes precisely in the type of surgery you want. In other words, don’t for second-best when you can get the best.

“Look for a cosmetic surgeon who has high satisfaction rating. Word of mouth can be an invaluable tool. Ensure you have a good rapport with your surgeon to ensure he knows exactly what your ideal look is,” CSB recommends.

Once you have chosen your surgeon, do your homework: talk to other people who have had work done by him, look at pictures, get second opinions.

“Have realistic expectations of what cosmetic surgery can do for you. Don’t have cosmetic surgery on a whim. Research thoroughly and ensure you are fully prepared for what surgery entails,” CSB also says.

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