Two Russian Cannibals Eat Their Own Brother

They have done so over six months

Cases of cannibalism have become increasingly seldom around the world, but, every once in a while, one pops up in the eyes of the media and the public opinion, and people are brutally reminded of the savage and cruel human nature. The most recent case of cannibalism was recorded in the Russian city of Perm, in the country's central-western region. Two men killed and methodically ate their elder brother, after peeling all the flesh off the bones.

A few months back, they told the police that their brother had disappeared, but authorities started getting suspicious when the pair failed to provide them with a satisfactory description of the “victim.” The two were identified in police reports as 28-year-old Timur and 23-year-old Marat G. They are now accused of killing their brother Rafis and consuming his meat over more than six months.

After they did away with Rafis, they buried all the bones in the house garden, where they remained for half a year, until authorities finally gathered sufficient pieces of evidence to break into their house. The Russian newspaper Tvoi De reported on Wednesday that the remaining brothers admitted to their crimes, and that they also told the police the whole story of the murder, and how they tried to hide the body.

Timur G. told Russian authorities that the reason why he wanted to get rid of the evidence was because he could not face going back to prison, the Austrian Times reports. He had already served more than ten years in jail for killing one of his neighbors over some quarrel. By the look of things, he will not only go back where he belongs, but he will also spend all of his remaining life behind bars.

“We decided to eat him. I did not want to go back behind bars so we cut off his head and buried it and cut up the body parts and kept them in a refrigerator. We have been cooking and eating his meat for six months,” Timur told the Perm police department. He added that he held his brother accountable for the ten years he had spent in jail.

Timur shared that it was Rafis who reported him to the police after killing his neighbor. When he got home from jail, he got into an argument with the victim and a fight ensued. During the brawl, the younger brother, Marat, also intervened, and the pair managed to defeat their elder brother and beat him to death.

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