Two New NEC MultiSync Medical-Grade Monitors Will Launch in 2013

Unlike Sony's OLED panel, they have full color support, not monochrome panels

From early 2013 onwards, NEC Display Solutions of America will sell two new 21.3-inch IPS monitors, both of them qualifying as displays for diagnostic imaging in healthcare organizations.

They are more or less identical, except for the fact that the MD211C2 has a native resolution of only 1600 x1200, while the MD211C3 is a 2048 x 1536 monitor. Likewise, the brightness is of 900 and 800 cd/m2, respectively (both are calibrated for 450 cd/m2).

NEC did not say what prices the two newcomers would sport when they finally become available.

Given the two USB hub (one upstream, one downstream), 14-bit internal lookup table (finely detailed, high-definition rendering of color images), automatic calibration, factory calibrations to the DICOM grayscale function (for luminance) and 150mm height adjustability, they should be considerable, though not too steep.

Buyers should just make sure their systems have DVI-D or DisplayPort connectors.

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