Two New Audio Products Added to Ferrari by Logic3 Collection

A speaker and a headphone set make their appearance

Since there are always people who want their products to bear well-known brands, Ferrari is in the business of shipping special audio products, among other things.

Joining the already established Ferrari by Logic3 audio collection are the Cavallino T350 Headphones and the Scuderia FS1 Bluetooth Speaker dock.

The former has a “luxurious design” inspired by road cars, and “robust machine crafted metal arms and housing.” The Scuderia Ferrari racing team acted as an inspiration.

Scuderia FS1 Bluetooth Speaker dock, powered by patented Class HD Technology, has high-tier power, efficiency and audio quality, thanks in part to an advanced DSP (digital signal processor).

Apple and Windows devices can connect to it via Bluetooth.

Availability, in London, UK, is guaranteed, but we aren't sure about the rest of the world. Arrival date and pricing information are unavailable as well.

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