Two NAS Devices Launched by QNAP Too

The new Turbo NAS models have Atom CPUs and up to 3 GB RAM

Just like Gigabyte and Thecus, QNAP has finished the latest additions to its series of network-attached storage devices.

Part of the turbo NAS series, the newcomers are called TS-x69 Pro and TS-x69L Series with XBMC.

Both of them have up to 3 GB of RAM (random access memory0 and dual-core central processing units (Intel Atom 2.13 GHz).

Indeed, since network-attached storage devices need to have a certain autonomy in order to perform their role, they are essentially built like small, box-like PCs without monitors but a lot of storage space.

QNP still gave its Turbo NAS HDMI ports though, to directly stream films to TVs.

Speaking of which, the newcomers have 2, 4, 5, 6 or 8 bays, depending on model, and prices of $479 / 354-479 Euro to $1,099 / 812-1,099 Euro.

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