Two Mini-ITX Cases Released by Abee

They are just the right containers for ECS's new motherboard

By on November 19th, 2012 14:51 GMT

The NM70-TI motherboard from Elitegroup Computer Systems may be suited for commercial applications and the like (Point-of-Sale for example), but it can be employed in HTPCs and other personal computers too. Not without a case though.

Fortunately, Japanese company Abee has not one, but two cases that will gladly house it, called E20 and E40.

Both are mini-ITX models, but the E20 is smaller than the other one, completely lacking expansion slots or a PSU. Only a 50mm CPU cooler and one 3.5/2.5-inch HDD can be inserted.

The E40 is a bit, larger but doesn't offer anything extra, unfortunately.

Both the E20 and E40 cases are made of aluminum and are colored black, red (only E20) and silver. They are priced at 21,980¥ (US $270 / 211 Euro) and 24,980¥ ($307 / 240 Euro), respectively. Ridiculously high sums really, but there we are.

Abee E20 and E40 (6 Images)

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