Two Great Lakes in the US Hit Lowest Water Levels on Record

Lake Michigan, Lake Huron have been seriously affected by drought, other natural phenomena

Recent news from the US Army Corps of Engineers informs us that, according to their latest measurements, two of the country's Great Lakes have hit the lowest water levels ever reported since record keeping began back in 1918.

The researchers who have looked into this issue explain that, all things considered, this drop in Lake Michigan's and Lake Huron's water level can only be explained by referring to natural phenomena such as prolonged droughts and a decrease in the amount of snow falling in these regions over the years.

Apparently, the fact that some of the rivers that drain from these lakes have been dredged also had a say in the matter.

Up North Live says that, back in January 2013, the water levels of both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron were 29 inches (73.66 centimeters) below their long-term average and 17 inches (43.18 centimeters) lower than in January 2012.

Thus, the new record low these two lakes have managed to hit is one of 576.02 feet (175.57 meters).

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