Two Fresh iPhones (One 'Junior') Launching in June, Analyst Says

Renowned analyst Shaw Wu again hints at the iPhone nano

Following rumors of Tawain-based part suppliers shipping hardware for a new iPhone, Kaufman Bros.’ analyst, Shaw Wu is being cited as telling clients that as many as three fresh iPhones are likely in the works over in Cupertino. Wu later re-iterated his predictions, based on iPhone OS 3.0 findings, reducing the number of devices expected to launch this summer to two.

In a note to clients, Kaufman Brothers' analyst says that evidence indicates the building of 5-6 million new iPhones, according to a Fortune piece citing Wu. The analyst's sources indicate a “build plan” for the new models in the 5 million to 6 million unit range. The site notes the number of units as considerably higher than Wu's current 4.5 million estimate for the September quarter.

Talking about the three fresh iPhones that were (he thought) likely in the works, Wu reveals he had based his forecast on clues that developers are finding in the beta iPhone 3.0 software. However, he now believes “only two will see the light of day” in summer, with one of them being a less-powerful “junior” iPhone. The two iPhones slated for a summer launch, going by Wu's predictions, will have longer battery life and a more powerful processor that can run more complex apps. A summary of Wu's latest forecast, courtesy of Fortune, is available below.

- there are three new iPhones in the works - “only two will see the light of day”;

- one of the new iPhones will have longer battery life and a much more powerful processor, the other would be a less-powerful “junior” iPhone.

- there is a “build plan” for the new iPhone models in the 5 million to 6 million unit range

- still not clear whether the new iPhones will ship in June or July

- Apple expected to sell 3.2 million iPhones in the March quarter (fQ2) and 3.7 million in the June quarter (fQ3)

- there is a “high likelihood” that AT&T (T) will replace the one-size-fits-all $30 a month unlimited plan and roll out more flexible “tiered” data plans for iPhone buyers.

Apple is widely expected to release at least one new iPhone model along with the debut of iPhone OS 3.0 in June.

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