Two Demonoid Domains Have Been Removed from Sale

But the main one, is still being offered

Demonoid has had a terrible last few weeks. The site, as far as can be determined, is over, taken down by authorities. The fact that its domain names were put up for sale only made it clearer. But it now seems that things weren't so clear cut, as two out of the three domains listed for sale on Sedo have been removed.

The domain auction company says that "legal issues" forced it to remove the domains, because it could not guarantee whether the domains could be sold legally or the fact that new owners will be able to make use of the domains.

What's more interesting though is that one domain, the main one used by the site,, is still available for sale so the "legal issues" or concerns don't cover to this one.

Sedo would not say exactly why the two domains were removed, but it seems that it had doubts about the legality of the sale, either because the seller may not have been in a position to offer the domains or simply because of the legal problems concerning the site. Sedo did say that it removed the domains voluntarily, it was not forced or asked to do it by a third-party.

"In addition to processing notice-takedown complaints from third-party rights holders, Sedo also employs an internal listing suspension policy when we’re made materially aware of a domain that is either subject to ownership dispute or under investigation by relevant law enforcement," Sedo told TorrentFreak.

"This is done to protect potential buyers from purchasing a domain where its use and ownership could be threatened after the purchase for unforeseen circumstances. In such situations, the listing user is informed and once they can provide documentation demonstrating the domain’s clear title, the listing will be reinstated," it added.

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