Two ATX Mid-Tower Game Cases Launched by Zalman

Only slightly different from each other, they are made of steel and ABS plastic

Since the winter holiday season is here, people are slightly more inclined towards spending money than saving it, and IT companies, in this case Zalman, are fully determined to make the best of that.

Zalman went for the tried and true method of launching a new product and hoping enough people would choose to get it when their browsing was done.

In truth, the cases aren't really unusual at all. Their feature sets are more or less common, as far as gaming PC enclosures can be considered as such at least.

Called MS800 and MS800 Plus, they are mostly identical, but the latter has hot-swappable 3.5/2.5-inch drive bays (three), LED-lit fans, and a 92 mm fan bracket.

Sales of both chassis will begin next month (December 2012), according to the report from Overclockers Ukraine, which has revealed the duo.

The prices are of $88 / 88 Euro for the MS800 and $100 / 100 Euro for the MS800 Pro.

The money will earn buyers a 9 kilo/20 pound-steel+ABS plastic container for standard ATX or micro-ATX motherboards.

Six 5.25-inch bays can be used for optical disk drives, fan controllers, overclocking accessories, etc.

Meanwhile, three fixed 3.5-inch 2.5-inch bays (hot-swappable caddies on the Pro, as specified above) can hold hard drives or solid state drives.

Furthermore, there are two 120mm fans at the top, along with a 120mm fan at the back and a 120mm fan vent at the bottom. Most fan vents have dust filters as a bonus.

Finally, graphics cards can measure up to 30 cm in length (11.80 inches) and they will never bend or hang precariously thanks to a support beam (installable in three positions).

As for connectivity and I/O, the top front panel has two USB 3.0 connectors, two USB 2.0/1.1 ports and HD audio jacks, plus a 6-channel fan controller (rotary knob and channel-selection feature-touch buttons).


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