Twitter's 2012 Dominated by Obama, Bieber, the Spice Girls, Curiosity and You

Get all of your greatest tweets and biggest moments in an infographic

At least this year most people waited until it was actually December to post their yearly reviews, apart from Yahoo at least. Twitter can't wait any longer though and revealed to celebrate all the awesome moments on Twitter, big and small.

Which is to say, the big moments of the year overall, nothing happens anymore without it landing on Twitter. The site actually covers a lot of ground.

"A Tweet from the bottom of the ocean. Tweets from Mars. An extraordinary view from space of Superstorm Sandy. A quiet backstage moment with a presidential candidate," Twitter wrote.

"All of these and millions of other such moments were ours to experience directly wherever we were, in the midst of work or play or travel," it explained.

First, it goes through the big tweets of the year, leading with Obama's "Four more years" which went on to become the most retweeted tweet on the site. Justin Bieber and Britain's Olympic team also get mentions.

The big events are also celebrated, the biggest of the year was the Olympics, generating 150 million tweets during its two weeks, peaking at 116,000 Tweets per minute during the closing ceremony.

Curiosity's tweets from Mars and photos of Hurricane Sandy from space were also big hits on Twitter this year. Finally, Twitter is doing something different in this year's review and has a section dedicated to you.

The idea is that, since Twitter is so personal, it needs to reflect that. It teamed up with Vizily to offer a way of summing up your year on Twitter in a very interesting infographic.

"During big sporting events, fans were the roar of the crowd, tweeting their team passions. Commentators and armchair pundits alike took to Twitter to share their opinions, arguments and reactions throughout the campaigns, conventions, debates and on Election Day," Twitter added.

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