Twitter and Facebook Accounts of Tahrir News Hacked by Muslim Brotherhood

The hackers posted false information from both social media accounts

The official Twitter and Facebook accounts of Tahrir News, the popular Egyptian newspaper, have been hacked. The attackers have used the accounts to publish false information.

Tahrir News has confirmed that their accounts have been compromised. They’ve informed their subscribers that the hackers have sent false messages.

The newspaper was forced to temporarily shut down its SMS service, which was also hijacked by the attackers.

Tahrir News believes the hackers are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the controversial political organization.

The media company believes the Muslim Brotherhood has launched this attack in an effort to “spread chaos and cause confusion among Egyptians.”

It’s worth noting that the Tahrir News Twitter account has over 1 million followers. Their Facebook page has around 626,000 “likes.”

Currently, both the Twitter and Facebook accounts appear to have been recovered.

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