Twitter Updates Sign-Up Process, Makes It Easier to Get Started

Twitter is trying to attract more new users and hopes this is one step in this direction

Twitter has been trying to attract more and more users to keep investors happy and its stocks at good values. Aside from planning on opening a new office in Indonesia, the company has also redesigned its sign-up page, hoping to make the process as simple as possible.

This is the first time in about three years when Twitter has made any significant changes to its sign-up page and the process involved in getting an account on the site.

“After months of effort, Twitter’s website has a new sign-up flow. Our first major update in 3 years. Congrats team!” wrote Christian Oestlien, product manager with the company.

The update is quite important, especially since the company’s execs have stated many times over the past few months that they need to do better at getting new users to understand what Twitter is all about and to find value in the product.

Another thing that Twitter has been saying since the IPO is that the company’s product touches a lot more people than the monthly user base, mainly because there are people who see Twitter content elsewhere, but don’t actually go to Twitter afterwards.

The company wants to change this and get people to visit and adopt Twitter. The first change you’ll notice when going to is the fact that the background changes every other second to display a photograph that has been picked up from the public tweets on the platform.

There’s also the message attached to the photograph, the time and date when it was published, and the account it comes from. This should help people get an instant understanding of what they’ll encounter once they sign up for the service.

Once you’ve gone through the rather speedy sign-up process, Twitter has improved the next steps of the “Getting started” package. Basically, it will pull you right in the middle of things as soon as you’re on the site.

To kick things off, Twitter asks that you help it provide you with options about the content you’re interested in. For this, it provides a list of things that you may be interested in. You can pick one or more options from the list that includes “popular accounts,” “music,” “sports,” “photography,” “entertainment,” “funny,” “news,” “technology,” “fashion,” “television,” “health,” and “gaming.”

The next step involves a series of suggestions that Google has for you. You can delete any of the accounts that are presented to you, or you can just click the “Follow” button at the top and instantly add dozens of accounts to your follow list.

You can then look for people you may know from your contact list in your mailing service, whether that’s Gmail, Yahoo Mail or another.


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