Twitter Spam: Download Breaking Bad S05E16 Leaked Episode

The scammers are abusing Twitter lists to make their campaigns more efficient

If you come across Twitter messages that read something like “Breaking Bad Leaked Episode S05e16,” be careful. Twitter spammers are abusing the social network’s “lists” feature in order to trick potential victims. To make their schemes even more efficient, they’re currently leveraging the Breaking Bad TV series.

According to experts from Symantec, the spammers have created Twitter lists called something like “Leaked Episode” or “Breaking Bad Fans” in an effort to trick users into thinking they can download upcoming episodes.

Since the Breaking Bad season finale is approaching fast, many of the show’s fans are eager to see the latest episodes. This is what the cybercrooks are counting on.

The spammers’ lists and their tweets contain links to a Pastebin paste that points to a leaked episode. The paste contains a number of links that lead to file sharing and torrent websites.

These are actually links to older episodes. However, before users find out, they’re taken through an affiliate marketing program that helps the scammers make some money. They’re also offered various pieces of software.

If you come across such Twitter accounts, report them for spam. Also, keep in mind that a majority of “leaked” movies are actually part of clever scams.

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