Twitter Resets Passwords After Third Party Compromises User Accounts

Notifications are being sent out to all the affected users

Several Twitter users have received notifications in which they’re told that their passwords have been reset, advising them to select new ones.

The microblogging platform’s representatives have told The Inquirer that the emails are legitimate and that those who receive them should click on the links they contain to change their passwords.

Alternatively, they can change the passwords directly from their Twitter accounts by accessing the Settings menu.

The company has started sending out the notifications because it believes that some accounts have been compromised by website or a service that's not associated with Twitter.

While these alerts might be legitimate, users should thoroughly verify any email before rushing to click on a link. Cybercriminals might be leveraging this incident to send out their own notifications.

Be sure to check the sender’s address and the URL where the link points to. If it looks suspicious, change your password directly from your Twitter account.

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