Twitter Refuses to Give Back @N Username to Original Owner

The handle has been taken by someone else and is currently advertising a news service

So far, Twitter has refused to give back the @N username to Naoki Hiroshima after a hacker extorted him into handing it over.

Shortly after Hiroshima published his story, Twitter suspended the account. However, @N was later grabbed by someone else. Currently, @N has been renamed to “Follow Badal_NEWS,” which appears to be a locked Urdu language news account.

Twitter representatives have told TechCrunch that they’re investigating the matter, but the company has told Hiroshima that they’re unable to verify him as the account holder so they cannot assist him in accessing it.

This wouldn’t be the first time Twitter gives back a username to its rightful owner. Back in 2012, the social media company gave back @Mat to Wired’s Mat Honan.

In the meantime, PayPal and GoDaddy, the companies accused by Hiroshima of being responsible for the incident, have issued statements. GoDaddy admits that it’s partly the company’s fault, but PayPal denies helping the hacker in any way.

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