Twitter Phishing Websites:, and

Websense experts have investigated the latest phishing campaigns

Websense experts are warning Twitter users to be on the lookout for shady-looking direct messages that might lead them to malicious websites.

Cybercriminals are hosting Twitter phishing pages on domains such as, and They lure their victims here with DMs that read something like “Did you see this pic of you? Lol.”

The malicious sites are well designed and considering that they're hosted on domains very similar to, it’s likely that a lot of users have already fallen victim.

Researchers have analyzed some of the shortened links and found that internauts from all over the world have clicked on them.

It’s uncertain if this campaign is related in any way to the recent Twitter hack as part of which 250,000 user accounts have been compromised.

However, experts warn that such incidents are always followed by a surge in malicious campaigns since cybercrooks are aware that during such periods their chances of success increase.

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