Twitter Phishing Scam: This Profile Is Spreading Nasty Blogs Around About You

Victims are lured to a website which replicates the Twitter log in page

Over the past few days, numerous Twitter users have been receiving direct messages in which they're told that someone is spreading “nasty” things about them.

The malicious messages read: “FYI this profile on twitter is spreading nasty blogs around about you.”

For the time being, the website behind the link has been taken offline. When it was online, users who clicked the link were taken to a webpage which replicated the Twitter login page.

Here, victims were told that their sessions had ended “for security purposes,” and were asked to log in.

GFI experts have found that one of the domains used in the scheme is registered to an individual claiming to be from Shanghai, China.

Another Twitter scam that’s currently making the rounds, identified by the folks from All Twitter, informs potential victims via DM of the following: “Early TWITTER INVESTORS got FILTHY RICH! How YOU CAN GET RICH with the NEXT TWITTER Growth Story Now: [link].”

Make sure to avoid such messages, even if they appear to come from people you know and trust.

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