Twitter Opens Analytics Tools to the Masses

Once reserved for advertisers and verified users, analytics are now available for everyone

Twitter has decided to share one of its most important tools with the masses – its analytics service. Everyone can now go to Twitter and check out how all their tweets fared on the platform.

The social network has had this particular tool for a long while now, but it has been closed off to the biggest part of the userbase. Most specifically, only advertisers had access to the dashboard in the first stage, only for the door to be opened for verified users a while back.

The news was broken by Twitter engineer Ian Chan over his own account on the platform. “Absolutely thrilled to open up access to to EVERYONE. Check it out, and let us know what you think,” he wrote.

The dashboard allows users to view impressions on tweets over the course of 28-day periods. They can compare these stats with the ones from previous time spans. Furthermore, users can check out the tweets that got them the highest engagement rates, as well as the number of retweets, replies, follows and favorites.

People can also check out their tweets and replies in a separate tab, as well as any promoted tweets they may have had. It’s possible to see the click rates for links in tweets and or to track replies.

In another tab, you’ll find information about your followers. Aside from a chart showing how one’s user base grew over time, you’ll also notice other details as well.

For instance, you’ll be able to see what people’s top 5 unique interests are and their top ten interests in general, as well as where they come from and their gender. You’ll also notice a list with the people your followers also follow in the highest percentage.

Users also have access to Twitter Cards, which allow people to “attach rich media experiences to Tweets about your content.” These can be used to improve key metrics on Twitter, such as URL clicks, app install attempts and retweets. Analytics for this category are also available in several tabs you can access from the panel.

All the data available via Twitter’s analytics dashboard can be exported in a spreadsheet. The period will change in response to the time period you choose from the drop down menu.

Having access to such tools should be quite helpful for users of the platform and prove to be valuable tool for bloggers, business owners and other people interested in keeping an eye on how their content fares on social media.

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