Twitter Names Katie Stanton as New Media Chief

Twitter's management is shifting as Costolo seeks to bring new life to the company

Twitter has found a new media chief, as it appointed Katie Stanton for the job. The former Google exec will now lead the company’s efforts to reach good deals with the media industry around the world, as well as with Hollywood.

Stanton, who was the chief of the international strategy department, will be taking over from Chloe Sladden. Sladden decided to leave the company at the same time as the former Chief Operating Officer Ali Rowghani, as they both announced their departures on their Twitter accounts.

Twitter has been going through some changes at the management level recently, with execs coming and going, as Dick Costolo seeks to make the company run smoothly.

Re/Code reports that Stanton has been quite popular among tech companies. After working for the White House and for Hillary Clinton at the State Department, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer tried to lure her into leading the media department of the Internet giant. Although Stanton had worked with Mayer before at Google, where she worked for six years, she chose to pass on the offer.

Now, she will lead Twitter’s efforts to attract TV networks, Hollywood studios, as well as virtually any other media company around the world that could make the microblogging platform some sort of cash. After all, Twitter has become quite famous over the past few years for being a platform popular for promoting the content of media companies and for offering viewers a chance to interact straight into programs and live events.

The latter has become quite popular on reality TV shows and other live events where people’s messages appear on TV and even attract comments from those participating.

Glenn Brown, who oversees the Twitter Amplify program, is also climbing up the ladder at Twitter, Variety reports. He will now report directly to Chief Revenue Officer Adam Bain, who also took up a new role after Rowghani’s recent departure. The Amplify program was created by Twitter to help marketers sponsor video clips from programming that has just aired on TV, and it now has some 60 partners.

As Twitter appoints Stanton as the chief of the media department, Gabriel Stricker, her boss, also advances. Stricker has been named the chief communications officer, effectively leading a good part of Twitter.

Recently, Anthony Noto, the Goldman Sachs banker that helped Twitter with its Initial Public Offering, was appointed as the new chief financial officer, taking on the role formerly occupied by Mike Gupta.

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