Twitter Locks Out Windows 8 Users by Banning Third-Party Apps

Tweetro was denied a token extension, so the app was pulled from the Store

The Twitter – Windows 8 clients saga continues, this time with an official reply from the social networking platform.

Tweetro, the utterly popular Windows 8 Twitter client, has officially asked for an extension to its 100,000 users token limit, which was regarded as the only thing that could keep the app alive on Windows 8.

Twitter, on the other hand, refuses to approve the extension, hinting that Windows 8 users would have no other option than to rely on the official Twitter app to post new tweets from the “Metro” environment. When it becomes available, that is.

“As you know, we discourage developers from building apps that replicate our core user experience (aka “Twitter clients”). We know that there are developers that want to take their passion for Twitter and its ecosystem to unique underserved situations. As such, we have built some flexibility into our policy with regard to user tokens,” Twitter said in a statement published by WinObserver.

“Unfortunately, it does not appear that your service addresses an area that our current or future products do not already serve. As such, it does not qualify for an exemption.”

Of course, locking out all the other third-party clients before releasing the official Twitter app isn’t quite a smart move, so Windows 8 users have no other choice for the time being than to tweet via its website.

The official “desktop” Twitter client would also do the job, but this one is actually impossible to install on Surface RT and Windows RT platforms.

The official Windows 8 Twitter app is expected anytime soon, as the company has already confirmed it’s working on the project. No other information is available at this point, but Twitter promised the app would be totally “great.”

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