Twitter Hacks Have Become “Cool,” MTV Pulls Prank to Promote BET

Their followers didn't find the hoax too amusing

Over the past period, numerous Twitter accounts belonging to high-profile companies or celebrities have been taken over. In some cases, the hackers do it for “the lulz,” such as in the case of Burger King, while in others they do it to lure a large number of users to a malicious site.

MTV, which appears to be promoting all things cool, hacked its own Twitter account to promote its sister network Black Entertainment Television (BET).

On Tuesday, MTV’s 6.6 million followers saw that the Twitter account’s name was changed to “HACKED MTV!” and tweets such as these were posted:


“Wowz. @SelenaGomez, @AshBenzo + @VanessaHudgens showed major skin n’ side[breast] at the #SpringBreakers premiere”

MTV representatives told TechCrunch that “the hack was pre-planned in the spirit of corporate camaraderie” with BET.

However, internauts didn’t find the prank too amusing. The most interesting response came from Denny’s Diner, which tweeted “OMG we hacked ourselves because it's the cool thing to do!”

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