Twitter Courtesy Patrol Scam Appoints Victims “Users of the Month”

Crooks try to convince internauts to hand over their phone numbers

Many Twitter users would like to get more followers or at least some recognition for the effort they put into their tweets. However, don’t expect to get any of these from the “Twitter courtesy patrol.”

Emails entitled “Hi this is the Twitter courtesy patrol” are making the rounds, informing recipients that they’ve been selected user of the month.

“Hello, You have been selected to be the Twitter user for the month! We’ve got a reward for you text this word ITweet to the following number 6 8 3 9 8,” the emails read.

As Mary C. Long reports on MediaBistro’s All Twitter, this is actually part of a clever scheme. Those who send messages to the number provided by the scammers are actually handing over their phone numbers to the crooks.

They can use the information for smishing attacks and all sorts of other malicious plots.

It goes without saying that such notifications should be deleted immediately.

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